2016 Franchise Trade Shows and Events Calendar

2016 Franchise Trade Shows and Events Calendar
Franchising Events Calendar

The Franchise Growth Institute has compiled a list of all relevant franchise events of 2016.

The first list contains all 2016 franchise events in the United States. The next list contains 2016 International Franchise Events with links providing more information and the registration page.

Franchise Growth Institute will continue to update the calendar with new franchise events. Please feel free to let us know about other events in the comment section.

2016 U.S. Franchise Trade Shows and Events


The Franchise Expo
January 15 – January 16
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/philadelphia/

Franchise Expo
January 30 – January 31
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/indianapolis/


Franchise Expo South
February 11 – February 13
Houston, Texas
More information: http://www.franchiseexposouth.com/

Annual IFA Convention
February 20 – February 23
San Antonio, Texas
More information: http://convention.franchise.org/home

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
February 27 – February 28
Tampa, Florida
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/tampa/


Capital Franchise Expo
March 19 – March 20
Richmond, Virginia
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/dcn-virginia/

The International Pizza Expo
March 28 – March 30
Las Vegas, Nevada
More information: http://www.pizzaexpo.com/

National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo 2016
March 31 – April 3
Las Vegas, Nevada
More information: http://www.nadaconvention.org/nada2016/


National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
April 2 – April 3
Phoenix, Arizona
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/phoenix/

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
April 16 – April 17
Cleveland, Ohio
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/cleveland/

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
April 30 – May 1
Pasadena, California
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/pasadena/


National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
May 14 – May 15
Dallas, Texas
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/dallas/

49th Annual IFA Legal Symposium
May 15 -May 17
Washington, DC
More information: http://legalsymposium.franchise.org/

32nd Annual IBA/IFA Joint Conference
May 17 – May 18
Washington, DC
More information: http://www.franchise.org/ibaifa-joint-conference

National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2016
May 21 – May 24
Chicago, Illinois
More information: https://show.restaurant.org/Home


National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
June 4 – June 5
Miami, Florida
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/miami/

International Franchise Expo
June 16 – June 18
New York City, New York
More information: http://www.ifeinfo.com/


Franchisee Summit
September 12 – September 13
Washington, DC
More information: http://www.franchise.org/franchisee-summit-0

Franchise Action Network Annual Meeting
September 13 – September 14
Washington, DC
More information:  http://www.franchise.org/franchise-action-network-annual-meeting


West Coast Franchise Expo
October 6 – October 8
Denver, Colorado
More information: http://www.franchise.org/west-coast-franchise

2016 International Franchise Trade Shows and Events


The Franchise Expo
January 7 – January 8
Toronto, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/toronto-january

HK International Licensing Show
January 11 – January 13
Hong Kong, China
More information: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hklicensingshow-en/

The Franchise Show
January 16 – January 17
Montreal, Quebec
More information: http://www.thefranchiseshow.ca/the-franchise-show-montreal/

January 21
Valladlid, Spain
More information: http://www.franquiciadores.com/


Growing Your Own Business
February 19 – February 20
Birmingham, United Kingdom
More information: http://www.bvents.com/event/330523-growing-your-own-business-exhibition-conference-gyob

The British National Franchise Exhibition
February 19 – February 20
NEC, Birmingham, UK
More information: http://www.fdsfranchise.com/the-franchise-exhibitions-uk.htm

The Franchise Show
February 19 – February 20
London, UK
More information: http://www.thefranchiseshow.co.uk/

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
February 27 – February 28
Quebec City, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/quebec-city/


Malaysia International Retail, Franchise & Licensing Fair
March 2 -March 3
Selangor, Malaysia
More information: http://www.mirf.my/

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
March 5 – March 6
Manitoba, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/winnipeg/

The British & International Franchise Exhibition
March 11 – March 12
Olympia, London, UK
More information: http://www.fdsfranchise.com/the-franchise-exhibitions-uk.htm

Franchising & Partnership 2016
March 16 – March 17
Brussels, Belgium
More information: http://www.franchisingpartnership.be/

Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo
March 18 – March 20
Sydney, Australia
More information: http://www.franchisingexpo.com.au/schedules


National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
April 2 – April 3
British Columbia, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/vancouver/

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
April 16
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/hamilton/

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
April 23 – April 24
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/montreal-spring/


Oman Franchise Expo & Conference (OFEC 2016)
May 9 – May 11
Muscat, Oman
More information: http://www.omanfranchise.com/

National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show
May 14 – May 16
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/regina/

Franchise World Expo
May 26 – May 27
Poland Aleja Poniatowskiego, Poland
More information: http://www.franchiseexpopoland.com/index.php/en/9-news/67-special-offer-for-exhibitors

Franchising Nord 2016
May 28 – May 29
Tirotti, Italy
More information: http://www.quickfairs.net/


ABF Franchising Expo
June 15 – June 18
Sao Pablo, Brazil
More information: http://www.abfexpo.com.br/

The British Franchise Exhibition
June 17 – June 18
Manchester, UK
More information: https://www.franchiseinfo.co.uk/


Franchising & Business Opportunities
August 26 – August 28
Melbourne, Australia
More information: http://www.franchise.org.au/franchising-expos


British Franchise Association
September 7
More information: http://www.thebfa.org/events/bfa-prospective-franchisor-seminar-london-2016

The Franchise Show
September 10 – September 11
Toronto, Canada
More information: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/toronto-september-show/

September 22
Barcelona, Spain
More information: http://www.franquiciadores.com/

BuyBrand Expo 2016
September 28 – September 30
Moscow, Russia
More information: http://www.buybrandexpo.com

Growing Your Own Business
September 30 – October 1
Birmingham, United Kingdom
More information: http://www.bvents.com/event/330523-growing-your-own-business-exhibition-conference-gyob


October 6
Barcelona, Spain
More information: http://www.franquiciadores.com/

2016 Taipei International Chain & Franchise Autumn Exhibition
October 7 – October 10
Taipei, Taiwan
More information: http://www.franchise.org.tw/ticket

FLAsia 2016 Trade Fair
October 13 – October 15
More information: http://franchiselicenseasia.com/

Be My Dealer 2016
October 13 – October 16
Istanbul, Turkey
More information: http://www.ufrad.org/EN/


International Franchise Conference & Exhibition
November 18 – November 19
Abu Dhabi
More information: https://abudhabievents.ae/en/Pages/international-franchise-conference-exhibition

MAPIC The International Retail Property Market
November 16 – November 18
Cannes, France
More information: http://www.mapic.com/

Franchise Conference
November 21 – November 27
Jakarta, Indonesia
More information: http://www.franchiseindonesia.org/


SME & Franchising
December 1 – December 2
Lagos, Nigeria
More information: http://www.smeandfranchisingnigeria.com/

Hong Kong International Franchising Show
December 3 – December 5
Hong Kong
More information: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkifs-en/

Franchise Science CEO, and Franchise Growth Institute Executive Director Harry Miller has made a career of successful franchising, including both client and consulting-side perspectives. He also serves as VP Franchise Development for Persona Pizzeria, a fast-growing, fast-casual concept. Prior to founding Franchise Science and Franchise Growth Institute, Harry was Senior VP of Francorp, one of the first international franchise consulting firms, and lead consultant to some of the largest and most successful franchise concepts. Prior to these extraordinary experiences, Harry owned and managed a Radio Shack franchise, and ran multiple offices in Los Angeles for a 400 unit tax resolution company. For several years, he assisted scores of entrepreneurs across the continent in obtaining angel funding and capital investment through due diligence roles relevant to franchising. Harry credits his training in the U.S. Navy, and working on a farm in South Dakota for his discipline and unrelenting work ethic brought to each franchise engagement.


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