Espresso Americano (Part 1)

Espresso Americano (Part 2)

Espresso Americano (Part 3)

Espresso Americano

“We’re a coffee company that’s been around since 1930. And we have about, as of today, about 190 stores. And it’s nice to have that confidence in somebody who can take you through the whole franchise process. Not only that, they have really nice contacts. Everything from design, to lawyers, to really whatever you need they’re a really great resource.”

David Kubena
Director of North America, Espresso Americano

Secret Stash Pizzeria (Part 1)

Secret Stash Pizzeria (Part 2)

Secret Stash Pizzeria (Part 3)

Secret Stash Pizzeria (Part 4)

Secret Stash Pizzeria

“I wanted someone that was going to spend a lot of intimate time with me. I didn’t want a giant company that just didn’t have time to talk to me and answer my phone calls. So when I got to know Franchise Science and Harry, that was one of the big selling points. We’ve been in business for 14 years so we’re a very seasoned restaurant, but when you get out in the franchise world, it’s a totally different game.”

Kyleena Falzone
CEO, Secret Stash Pizzeria